Why Choose Prefab SIP homes

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January 22, 2019
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February 9, 2019
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Why Choose Prefab SIP homes

Although first brought to markets in the 1930s, the use of prefabricated SIPs (structural insulated panels) has become much more popular.  SIPs are panels composed of a block of rigid foam insulation sandwiched within a skin composed of oriented strand board (OSB), steel, or some other material.  There is a range of benefits to using SIPs and this article has been created to answer the question of “Why choose prefab SIP homes?”




Price plays a role in almost everything we do.  And it becomes even more important when building a house.  Prefab SIP homes typically come at a lower cost than traditional homes due to the speed of their construction, lowered labour costs and their energy saving insulation properties.




Because of their construction, once erected, SIPs are designed to be virtually airtight and eliminate drafts.  Homeowners using SIPs will find their energy bills can be half as much as those who have traditional houses. The insulated panels also result in a much quieter house.




When using SIPs to construct a house you’ll end up with a much more stable and durable structure than the typical wood frame often found in traditional houses.  SIPs are less likely to shift and you can have walls as long as 18 feet without any extra support necessary. Without the need for roof trusses, there’s a lot more space in the house that becomes available to the tenants.


Speed Of Construction


Because SIPs are created in the factory, once they’re on site, they just need to be put together.  A prefab SIP home can be constructed twice as fast as a traditional wood framed home. This also results in a smaller labour force, less managerial oversight and fewer specialized tools.  You’re also likely run into fewer weather related delays as well.


Environmental Sustainability


SIPs were originally invented to cut down on wood use.  The fact that SIPs take the place of wood frames means that less wood is used during construction.  SIPs are a good alternative to using virgin wood for framing purposes. And their longevity means that your house is going to last a lot longer.


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