R1S – 28×37 – 1036 sf

C2S – 36×69 – 4968 sf
October 13, 2019
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R1S – 28×37 – 1036 sf


  1. Cynthia Bravo says:

    R1S – 28×37 – 1036 sf

    How much are these kits?

    What’s the delivery timeframe?

    Do you provide full sets of plans for permitting?

    Thank you!

  2. William says:

    R1S 1036 sf
    how much is this kit and do you deliver to Prescott Az.
    Do you provide full sets of plans for permitting


  3. robert j biondo says:

    Could you send me more information on the price and what is enclouded. Also I have a max of 1000 squared feet I am allowed. .

  4. Matthew says:

    how much is a kit? Do you accept customer drawn floor plans?

  5. Cary Atwood says:

    How much is the kit

  6. Steven says:

    343-370-8426,I’m in southern Ontario Canada Cornwall Ontario..how much is this kit dilivered to my area

  7. Candance Martin says:

    Hello, what’s a price quote starting for a two bedroom kit? Does it come in pieces or already put together?

  8. Davionte Jackson says:


  9. Ali Bliss says:

    How much are your smaller models? Where do you deliever to?

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