R1S – 24×33 – 792 sf

C2S – 36×69 – 4968 sf
October 13, 2019
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R1S – 24×33 – 792 sf


  1. Mike Werner says:

    How much and what does it all include? RIS 24 x 33

  2. Tracy Burnichon says:

    How much does this size cost

  3. Robert Bivona says:

    How much and what does it include? RIS 24 x 33

  4. Nick Salassidis says:

    I’m looking to see if you guys can get a 2 bedroom cottage 25′ by 25″ and cost I’m in north bruce peninsula.

  5. Ruben Morales says:

    what is the price of this model ? thank you ,

  6. Isaura Romo says:

    how much is this one and what does it include? R1S – 24×33 – 792 sf

  7. O says:


  8. pablo padron says:

    Hello, I am interested in knowing how much it is worth to buy a house with this standard 2/2 design.
    know what is included?

    floor, walls, doors, windows, bathrooms, ceiling, electricity, plumbing

    I would also like to know the conditions that the land must have to build a house of this model.

    interested in price, a standard house for an area near punta gorta, florida

    Thank you so much..


  9. Steve Lawson says:

    How much would this model ranch with log siding cost in Michigan?

  10. allen says:

    How much and what does it all include? RIS 24 x 33

  11. allen says:

    Again, How much and what does it all include? RIS 24 x 33

  12. Peter Howard says:

    what is cost of 1500 foot chalet? timber frame ? post and beam?

  13. David Hendriks says:

    How much can I expect to spend on a whole kit excluding foundation.

  14. jc says:

    how much would this as basic as possible home cost for a disabled person? please include all costs for permits, shipping, foundation, leveling land, connections, sewerage etc. In florida property will i’ll pay apart is in search in the Interlachen area …..Thank you for your time! my name is jc Velez, email me at jcv15@juno.com

  15. B Parady says:

    How muc and what is included with this model?

  16. Tim Stanfield says:

    What is the cost?

  17. Derek Anderson says:

    I am looking to buy a small house like the R1S 24X33 can you let me know the price, what is included, and if you deliver to Arirona.

  18. Melanie Eaton says:

    I would like to know the cost and what is included.

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