7 Toxic Myths About Modular Homes You Should Not Believe

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7 Toxic Myths About Modular Homes You Should Not Believe

modular homes

There are many myths out there about modular homes or prefab homes in the home building industry. As the years went by, prefabricated homes carried a stigma regarding their appearance and quality. However, most of these myths about modular homes are not valid.

Some homeowners may ask questions like “do modular homes hold their value?” or “are modular homes a good investment?” Whether this is your first home buying experience or not, it is still essential to have as much information as possible within your reach, so here are some of the common myths debunked that one should know.

Myth 1: Modular homes are low quality, and it is not built to last

It is perhaps the biggest misconception about modular homes, which could not be further from the truth. Modular homes are high in quality, especially when you consider their factory-setting manufacturing process, which means that it is not exposed to outdoor elements or bad weather conditions when they are built. In addition, modular homes are built in a tightly-controlled environment with strict guidelines and building codes, making them durable.

Myth 2: Modular homes are standardized, and they all look the same.

Contrary to this, modular homes are highly customizable depending on one’s preferences that are suitable to their needs and lifestyle. From floor plans to finishings and fixtures, homebuyers can choose what they want for their homes. Most modular building companies have offers of standard designs and models that they can choose from as well.

Myth 3: Modular homes are the same as mobile or manufactured homes

To debunk this myth, it is helpful to know the differences between a mobile home, a manufactured home, and a modular home. Mobile homes are transportable homes built before 1976 without much emphasis on building standards. Meanwhile, manufactured homes are those made after 1976 built under similar standards.

However, modular homes are regulated similarly to stick-built homes that conform to building codes to ensure stability and durability.

Myth 4: Modular Homes always depreciate over time.

Another question that homebuyers tend to ask is, “do modular homes depreciate in value?” Modular homes do not always depreciate, as they can be an excellent investment for the future, especially if the home’s condition and features are well-maintained.

Myth 5: Modular homes are a quick temporary housing fix

Modular homes are more than a quick temporary housing fix for housing as they can be permanent, comfortable, and high-quality homes. While they are built in just around 8 to 12 weeks, this does not mean that they are a temporary housing solution.

Myth 6: Modular homes cost almost no money

Another question about modular homes is, “are modular homes cheaper?” To answer this, modular homes can also be an expensive investment and cost a considerable sum of money. The needed expenses depend primarily on how large is the home that homebuyers have picked. Modular homes can cost 10% to 30% less compared to traditional homes.

Myth 7: Modular homes are difficult to finance

Modular homes are not challenging to finance, even though they are treated the same as the traditional stick-built homes when it comes to financing. Modular homes can be better than traditional ones as they can be built in a reduced amount of construction time, leading to faster payments and fewer interest charges incurred.

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