6 Tips for Making a Small Home Look Bigger

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March 15, 2019
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6 Tips for Making a Small Home Look Bigger

Some people want a bigger looking home just to meet their own personal preferences.  Others are trying to sell their home and want to get the best price possible.  Whatever your reason for trying to make your home appear larger, there are certain tried and true practices to achieve the illusion.  In this article we list six tips for making a small home look bigger.


Pare Down The Furniture

If you have too much furniture in a room, it’s going to look crowded and small.  Try and remove some of the lesser used pieces to open the area up and give a feeling of space.  Even rearranging your furniture can help make the room look bigger.


Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to create the illusion of space is an old restaurant trick.  Not only do they brighten up a room, they can make the space look twice as big.  Pay attention to what the mirror is reflecting as that can make a big difference in the room’s final appearance.


Make The Room Look Taller

Moving curtains so they hang from nearer the ceiling rather than the top of the windows will draw the eye upwards and give the illusion that the room is taller than it actually is.  You can also draw the eye upward by hanging shelving high up on the walls and removing tall structures which rise from the floor, such as bookcases.


Create A Uniform Paint Job

Painting walls different colours can make a room seem smaller.  Try using a light colour on all the walls to create a uniform paint job.  This will reduce the sense of clutter and make the space appear larger.



Speaking of clutter, the more of it you have, the smaller your place will look.  Presenting an open, clean look creates a sense of magnitude that gets eliminated when there are too many objects in a room.  Declutter and reclaim your space.


Add Stripes To Your Floor

Stripes not only work on clothing, but they can also work in the home as well.  If you add a rug with stripes that run the length of the room, it will appear longer.  If you need your room to look wider, orient the stripes that way.

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